Now what? Once a person has completed a personal LEAP (Life Experience Action) Plan one has targets and objectives and dates by which to plan to accomplish certain objectives.  However,  one thing that is missing in the new set of LEAP materials is a calendar on which to jot down those target dates.  TAP  used to provide small checkbook-size calendars, but with technology taking over the schedule and the wallet, I decided to create a large wall calendar version on paper, using one of my paintings of fruits and vegetables—because my LEAP has “learning to paint” as an objective—for each month.    

The Calendar is offered for $20.00 and includes postage in the US.   You can pay for it through Paypal on our TAP website.  Just go to SHOP, choose "Books"  and find the LEAP Calendar. !  I hope you enjoy my paintings.  I know I enjoyed painting the pictures!